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Welcome to The Outlet For Vocal Expression, LLC where vocalists from all backgrounds and of all styles and genres learn to set their songs free! "The Outlet", was founded and is owned by professional vocal coach, Jazmin Crumley. It began solely as vocal coaching company offering quality, affordable vocal training to singers & artists from industry level to aspiring, by a trained and experienced vocal professional. Today, it has grown into a full service vocal company providing top notch vocal training, vocal production, vocal arrangements, hand picked background vocalists for live and studio events and world class bootcamps and workshops for working and aspiring artists and background vocalists all over the world. The missions of the Outlet are to provide each client with the necessary vocal training it takes to help them reach their highest potential in vocal performance, develop healthy vocal habits and techniques that promote longevity in their career fields and and to guarantee the best quality vocals, production or arrangements while offering a positive, uplifting and comfortable environment.


The Outlet For Vocal Expression offers private vocal coaching in Ellenwood, GA as well as group vocal coaching with the option for us to travel to your location. If you do not live near the location of the vocal studio, we also offer lessons via Skype. That's right! We can work with you from anywhere in the world. Send us a message by clicking the link below to obtain more information and book you vocal lesson today!

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