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Welcome to The Outlet For Vocal Expression, LLC where vocalists from all backgrounds and of all styles and genres learn to set their songs free! "The Outlet", was founded and is owned by Celebrity Vocal Director, Certified Vocal Coach & Health Instructor, BGV Development Mentor and Contractor, Jazmin Crumley. Over 10 years ago, The Outlet began solely as a vocal coaching company offering quality vocal training to singers & artists from industry level to aspiring, by both a trained and experienced vocal professional. Today, however, it has grown into a full service vocal company providing not only elite vocal training by the industry's best, but world-class vocal directing, production, arrangements, and the contracting and mentorship of hand-picked background vocalists for live and studio productions for recording artists, tours, television and films both national and international. The work of The Outlet has been seen, heard and featured on many of the largest and greatest television networks, platforms and stages in today's entertainment industry and it only provides elite level, high quality musical experiences.


The mission of the outlet is to help Music Directors and Executives in the Entertainment and Media industries develop premium live and studio vocal experiences through scouting, developing, vetting and matching them with high-level supporting vocalists. Our core values include integrity, elite quality and professionalism..


We can work with you from anywhere in the world. Send us a message by clicking the link below to obtain more information and book you vocal lesson today!

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