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Vocal Technique 

Every singer, especially those who use their voices to constantly or to make a consistent living, should KNOW THEIR VOICE, how it works and how it is to be used in order to get the absolute best from their instrument at all times. Learn how your voice works, diaphragmatic breathing, vocal placement and more to preserve your body's most precious instrument.

Vocal Health –

We don't have the luxury of sick days! Learn the Do's and Don'ts of a vocalist's proper diet, hydration and other elements needed for a healthy, successful and LONG lasting career.

The Art of Blending

Singing alone is easy and fun, but a great background vocalist is a chameleon! Do you know how to manipulate the things that make your voice unique to match that of your vocal counterparts while achieving the sound desired by the artist? Are you versatile enough to sing any genre successfully? Learn how!

Professionalism: Beyond the Gift

Great singing is about 20% of what makes a great professional BGV. Here, learn what separates the good from the great and what can make YOU stand out to work more consistently!



Perfecting Image

What exactly is image? Why should it matter to a BGV? How does it help us get hired?... or fired?

Physical health

You image can often be a reflection of your physical health! The better the input, the greater the output! Eating well and moving your body should be a consistent, daily part of a professional singer's life... Find out the many reasons why!


This is one of them!



The singer’s set up: Preparation before recording –

Preparing to sing behind a studio microphone? There is more to it than walking up to it and singing! Learn the specific things you need to know before and while recording.

Blending in session

Experience, first hand the work that it takes to become a great session vocalist while working with other singers to achieve one BLENDED sound. 

What producers and engineers want

It's not always the artist that does the hiring! Want to know what some of the industry's top music producers and studio engineers look for when hiring session vocalists? We'll let them tell you themselves!




Aspects of live performance -

There are many factors that can make or break any live performance all from the forefront to sidelines to the background. Learn how to avoid being the one or ones to break it.

What the artists and MDs want

We could tell you, but then you wouldn't have a reason to ask them! 

Behind The Artist 

Put all 4 days of your hard work to work! Experience the level of skill and commitment it takes to correctly prepare for any artist you desire to work for, then put it to action and show us if you're really ready for action!

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